Discography — Drowned Songs Project

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Avant-garde ethno-futuristic heritage of the Angara region authenticity.

Irkutsk-Art-Trio is Alexander Rogachevsky, Herman Tsogla, Mikhail Soloviev.

Bela Tara

Apprehension of the musical heritage of the Siberian Atlantis. It is Priangarye territory which flooded during the construction of four giant hydropower: Irkutsk, Bratsk, Ust-Ilim, Boguchanskaya.

Albina Kinchinskaya and Alena Everstova.

Bratskiy ostrog songs

It is the first experience of reconstruction of original song tradition of the Siberian taiga tillers from villages which flooded giant reservoir Bratsk hydroelectric station on the Angara River.

Alexander Rogachevsky, Albina Kinchinskaya, Maria Yankovskaya, Olga Verlan, Irina Telminova.

The rain times

Filming of “The rain times” was held in the bell tower of Holy Cross Church, one of the oldest temples in Irkutsk. The film is a concert, a “live” recording bell-ringing. And the ensemble of authentic music by Alexander Rogachev sing old Siberian songs.

Arthur Psarev, Yuri Dorokhin, Irkutsk ensemble of authentic music.