Drowned Songs Project — Drowned Songs Project
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Reconstruction and the return of the musical heritage
of the Angara region to world culture

Irkutsk’s ensemble of Authentic Music discovers and performs musical heritage of people who lived in delta of Angara River. Angara is the only river out of three hundred and thirty six that flows out of Lake Baikal.

In 20th century several electrical dams were built on the river and hundreds of villages and cemeteries and thousands of acres of fertile soil appeared under the water together with unique songs and folklore. Families of farmers who survived the flood lost paradise they lived in harmony with God and nature. Their songs were about that time.

In 2005 the ensemble made their first CD recording of “Drowned Songs” and was awarded grand prize at Brave Festival in Poland for contribution to the cultural values. In 2007 the Royal Shakespeare Fund of England invited the ensemble to perform songs of Siberian Atlantida at the Macbeth production. In 2008 the ensemble received the most prestigious award at the international music festival Sayan Ring.

Today the Drowned Songs project invites people from all parts of the Earth where musical traditions are disappearing, like in Siberia. Together we can bring forgotten cultural marvels back to existence.